5 free IOS/Android Virtual Reality Apps

Want to give Virtual reality a try but unsure about spending your hard earned money on an experimental product like Oculus Rift or Vive Headset. Why don’t you try some free of cost Vr Apps, easily downloadable on your smart devices first? To set you up for your very first virtual reality experience here are some handpicked free Vr Apps compatible with both Android and IOS platforms.

But before that did you know that your Android and IOS based smart phones are compatible with the popular Google Cardboard headset which costs just 20-25 dollars and transfer you to a different world in a matter of seconds. You can be operating a star ship or swimming with sharks or trekking on Mount Vesuvius for all that we know!

  • YouTube: The number one Vr app it was the obvious choice for the first spot in this list. With its 360 degrees videos and millions of options to choose from it is the hub of entertainment in the virtual world. People have risen to fame using this Vr App by making 360 degrees videos, sharing their experiences and knowledge with the world at a click of their touch screen.
  • VRSE: Another one of the exciting Vr Apps which has brought many struggling movie makers in the highlight, it allows you to feel and live the movies being played by you. Comprising of an inexhaustible collection of musical, funny and serious videos you can experience the world from the comfort of your couch.
  • Sisters: Though small in size when compared with the possibilities of the above mentioned Vr Apps, Sisters is a Virtual reality Ghost Story which will keep you on the edge of your seat for a long time. Absolutely free and first of its kind Sisters is worth every minute of yours due to its capturing and horrifying story line. More than the horrifying story line this app gives you a rare glimpse at the horrifying reality of tomorrow.
  • InCell Vr App: A kind of educational Vr Apps, it was built targeting the young generation of today. It tries to make studies fun by adding the aspect of Virtual reality to it. Using this app you can almost feel the impact of flying through human cells. You can experience the microscopic cells and run across them via this app.
  • RYOT Vr App: A brain child of a famous VR production company, t brings several documentaries on serious issues to life. Now you can experience the Afghanistan War and the stories of the people who saw it happening first hand. Due to its sensitive nature of stories this App is bound to make people appreciate their lives and their loved ones more. It will encourage more and more people to participate in philanthropic activities and won several recommendations including that o Huffington Post.

Bonus: Apollo 15 Moon Landing Vr App: Want to experience the life of an astronaut? Want to land the rocket on Moon? Apollo 15 Moon landing App is one of the best Vr Apps to help you live your dream. To know more about this Vr App why don’t you start downloading it on this very smart phone you are reading on?


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