Keyword: Mobile App Development Company

Keyword: Mobile App Development Company

Keyword: Mobile App Development Company

What tools can you use to develop Augmented Reality Apps

The digital world today is researching and experimenting on various applications and uses of augmented reality and how to exploit to the maximum possible limit. With the launch of Google Glasses, the mystical world of augmented reality has become ever so alluring. Several Mobile App Development Company is trying new tools to play with this new and attractive toy in their hand.

Are you new to the world of augmented reality and do not want to hire a local web Mobile App Development Company yet? Why don’t you try out below given tools and bring your idea to life all by yourself!

VUFORIA: A very complicated software development kit useful in positioning and orientation of the reality into augmented reality here are some specifications of this tool which make it a favorite amongst many Mobile App Development Company for creating new and interesting augmented reality apps.

  • It can detect various different kinds of targets like images, objects and even texts in specific languages like English.
  • Tracking of an object in real time
  • Recognizing and optimization of both 2D and 3D objects
  • Scanning of real life things like human beings, animals etc
  • Can use OPEN GL to map additional more complicated events
  • Can create an attractive 3D map of any given scenario
  • Comes with an option of virtual button
  • Give the experience of tracking the target object even when it is no more in the picture
  • Ability to detect the images in Cloud or any other device and scan it for future use.

AR Tool Kit

Local Mobile App Development Company recommended, augmented reality software tool kit, AR Tool Kit’s comes with an open source code. Thus anyone can access its inbuilt library and make the changes suitable for their project. As suggested by the Mobile App Development Company it is perfect for first time developers as well as for professionals. Its specific features are:

  • Can recognize any 2D object
  • Option of mapping any additional object using the OPEN GL like Vuforia
  • Possible to create augmented reality in real time by receiving the data from other devices like mobiles and tablets.
  • Being an open source it is compatible with a wide range of operating systems including Android, IOS, Windows, Linux and SGL

Wikitude: As the name suggests this software tool kit is used for reconstructing the virtual maps and creating the entire cities and places virtually for future reference. Although you should hire a Mobile App Development Company for such a tedious task yet this tool kit is a life saver for someone working on mapping locations in augmented reality on their own.

  • Can do both 2D and mapping
  • Scan real time objects.
  • Do animation of 3D objects
  • Track location of any given object
  • Augmented via HTML
  • Detailed and informative help kit for free
  • Compatible with several OS including Linux, IOS, Mac and Windows.

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