Keyword: Augmented Reality

Keyword: Augmented Reality

Keyword: Augmented Reality

How is Augmented Reality superior to Virtual Reality?

Often considered as a same thing by many and unknown to the rest augmented reality is as different from the virtual reality as a tiger is from a panther. Confusing, and creating buzz in the Silicon Valley augmented reality is comparatively newer than the virtual reality. The IT industry feels that there is lot yet to discovered, learned and exploited in the augmented reality concept. It has taken the entire world by a storm. Let’s take a look at the major differences between the two:

What is the definition of virtual and augmented reality?

If in virtual reality you can experience playing in the sea with the dolphins, using augmented reality the same dolphin can pop out with a ball balanced on its nose atop your smart phone screen and you can then interact with it. Thus Virtual reality is an artificial environment created using various tools and allows you to emerge in a scenario or an environment with others to give you a real time experience of being actually there.

In the case of augmented reality, it is an artificial simulation generated by a digital device to create more meaningful and interactive interface for the user on top of the real device.

Now that you are clear on the concept behind the augmented and virtual reality let us move on to other major important differences between the two.

  1. While using AR the user is aware of its surroundings and is interacting with the virtual object at the same time, in VR you are totally immersed in the artificially created environment and lose touch of the reality for the time being. Thus Augmented reality product is healthier and safer intelligent technique in comparison to the virtual reality.
  2. Although a newer and less known term than virtual reality, augmented reality related products in the market are way more in number when compared to virtual reality products. In fact with the launch of Google glasses the virtual reality industry has discovered an unexploited 150 million worth of market waiting to be found at its hallway. Whereas in the case of Virtual reality the digital companies have yet to develop attractive and appealing products for the customers. Although with the innovation of Oculus Rift, the Virtual reality AI has finally landed.
  3. On questioning various Digital media experts, technical gurus and big tycoons of silicon valley it was discovered that although the Virtual reality look more alluring but it’s the augmented reality which is going to capture the big screen. How? There are several aspects attached to the expected success of augmented reality.
  • Commercially Augmented reality is more usable than virtual reality
  • Legally and government policy wise the Virtual reality products are more liable to be banned than Augmented reality ones.
  • With Augmented reality you do not leave touch with reality where as in Virtual reality you enter a different environment and scenario. It appears twisted and risky.
  • Augmented reality provides freedom of movement and multi tasking to its users while Virtual reality does not.

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