3. Web Development

3. Web Development

  1. Web Development

With the advent of internet and its penetration all over the globe, the world has witnessed changes at speed of light. It has become one of the basic essential need of every person today. Be it communication, work, entertainment or shopping, internet has made it all easier. But for the businesses, it also has enforced the necessity of having a presence on the web. It also has given an advantage to the business of having a wider reach and target audiences even in remote places where it wasn’t possible before. As a result, every business today has a dedicated website.

Defining Web Development

Web Development is a sphere of technology that deals with the development of websites. The website may range from a simple static page to a full-fledged application or content management system depending on its purpose and usage, such as for e-commerce. A wide range of activities come under web development including content writing, designing, coding, networking and security.

Web Development Software

There are various tools and applications that are available for web development. With the exponential growth of world wide web over the last couple of decades, the number of software available for the same has also increased. The software can be broadly classified as open source software and closed source software. Open source software are available for free usage while closed source software manufacturers charge a licensing fee for the usage. They each are popular among different developer communities based on their specializations. The choosing of right software comes down to the client’s requirements.

Aspects of Web Development

A wide range of aspects must be taken into consideration when going for web development. Some of these are for structural integrity of the website while others are for providing a great user experience.  These include:

Web Designing: Every website must be well structured and visually appealing. A website designer is responsible for graphics and interface designing to deliver an engaging and easy user experience.

Content Writing: Content writing deal with researching and gathering information to be presented on the website. The content generally must be short, well organized and deliver the point across. It may be a combination of audio, video, images and text.

Security: Millions and millions of websites are being targeted by malicious entities to find vulnerabilities in the website and exploit them for their own advantage. This makes the security of the website a high priority especially for those dealing in financial transactions such as banks and e-commerce businesses.

Testing: Specific website testers are assigned to ensure flawless functioning of the website and find out any bugs or issues. Various web development tools allow for the testing and coding of the website.

Mobile Responsiveness: The internet today consists of more mobile users in comparison to the desktop accessors. This creates a need for a website to alter its layout in response to the screen size it is being accessed from.

Businesses and Web Development

The internet has brought about a dramatic change in the way business functioned. A customer is no longer required to go to a store to buy a specific product. They can just be ordered online and delivered at home. The evolution of social media has made it mandatory for the business owners to design specific marketing campaigns for these platforms. These are a perfect medium to communicate and engage with their consumers. Integration of various social media tools into websites can help fulfill the above.

We at GLU believe that web development is not just about developing a website. It is about giving it a personal touch based on the core values and beliefs of the business and helping to communicate the same to its customers. We customize each experience to the requirements of our clients and present our best foot forward for the same.


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