2. Augmented Reality Companies in Dubai

2. Augmented Reality Companies in Dubai

  1. Augmented Reality Companies in Dubai

The augmented reality market is witnessing a huge growth. With more and more industries applying augmented reality into their workspace and applications, there has been a surge in the number of Augmented Reality Companies in Dubai. Let us integrate ourselves into the world of augmented reality to see what the excitement is all about.

Defining Augmented Reality

Augmented Reality maybe defined as the augmenting or supplementing of the environment from its current perception by incorporating digitally generated content into it in real time. To plainly state, the scoreboard over lay on a live casted match is simplest form of augmented reality. In a more complex form, the augmented reality might even enable user interaction with the environment and adapt the content generation in accordance with the user’s response.

Augmented Devices

Various digital wearable technologies such as Google glasses, though in its nascent state, make use of augmented reality in their applications. Some of these wearable pieces of technology might even eliminate the need for handheld devices in the future. These technologies maybe implemented to display information regarding the user’s environment in real time such as directions in navigational services and product specifications in a store.

Almost every device that is based on digital technology can be integrated by augment reality. These include mobile phones, smart devices, PCs and laptops, display devices, head mounted display gear and many more.


The programming techniques for the augmentation may employ global positioning systems, gyroscope, gesture and movement recognition algorithms and 3D rendering. Different software and tools are used for different aspects of it.

The best Augmented Reality Companies in Dubai who are engaged in the augmented reality programming, have innovative and experienced developers and animators who program augmented reality for mobile applications, 3D browsers and viewers as well as immersive games.

Usage and Applications

Augmented Reality is being used in vast spheres of technology. Be it entertainment, automobile, communication or science and technology, augmented reality is making its presence felt.

Score overlays and predictive analysis techniques such as ball tracking in cricket are a few examples in sports that make use of the augmented reality.

Various luxury automobile manufacturing companies use augmented reality software in the form of heads-up displays in their high-end models. These displays give vital information to the user regarding the vehicle without deviating the user’s vision or attention from the road.

Multiple games such as the highly popular Pokémon Go make heavy use of augmented reality at basic level in collaboration with the real-world view.

Businesses and the Augment Reality Company

Various businesses are making use of Augmented Reality to deliver a more engaging and enriching experience to their customers. Be it marketing and sales or application and software’s, augmented reality is finding favors among all.

We at GLU, one of the best among augmented reality companies of Dubai, try to deliver the best products for our clients to grow their businesses. From marketing campaigns to immersive experiences, we deliver it all. Be it visualizing a piece of furniture at home or trying on an apparel, we make it all possible. With a portfolio boasting of serving brands like BBC, Aston Martin and Range Rover, our belief in ourselves is built on a solid foundation.  If you are thinking about augmenting your business, you have come to the right place.


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