We want to travel faster. Work faster. Communicate and connect faster. We’re a society fixated on speed, because we’re a society fixated on technology. It’s our collective accelerator. As technology moves, we move. But the same technology that fulfils our need for speed also poses our biggest challenge. Because technology doesn’t just increase the speed at which we move, it increases the speed at which change moves. Our objective at GLU is to use our wealth of expriwnce in helping our clients anticipate, navigate and leverage change.

Our deeply engrained technology heritage, running through all of our businesses like a foundational thread, has allowed us to utilize technology to its fullest business application and creative expression, giving our clients something that, in today’s business climate, they simply can’t succeed without: the ability to quickly and confidently adapt to ever-changing conditions.

Throughout my history in media I have demonstrated to companies across a wide spectrum of industries and geographies, that success doesn’t rely solely on how you manage your business, but also, on how you manage changes that affect your business. And, at no other time has that been more applicable, more profoundly relevant, than now.

Welcome to GLU allow us to show you the way

Ishmael Bahadur




Getting the little things right can turn something good into something great. At GLU we understand exactly how customers interact with lifestyle brands and we deliver extraordinary experiences that help our clients grow their businesses.


We take time to immerse ourselves in your brand and get a good grasp of your field, market, achievements and aspirations




With brief in hand we make sure everyone knows what we need to achieve before we get to work sketching out ideas that soon evolve into something special in 2D and 3D.



Our talented engineers and developers work closely with you and the rest of the GLU team to bring the best and brightest ideas to life.


 And finally…. our project managers deliver meticulously crafted, memorable and often unusual experiences that generate positive interest in your business and enhance brand loyalty.


We develop amazing platforms for some of the biggest brands in the World.

The examples herein is a small smaple of work conducted by the GLU developing and graphics team.

The case studiesis a select few from many examples of work from our client base

Included are examples of website, ecommerce, digital brochures, e-adverts, graphic design, print and APP development.

These case studies identifies a broad range and capabilities of our team.

Tru Travels Logo
Sandcastles.ae Logo
McLaren logo
BBC Sport Logo
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Orange Business Services Logo
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G-Star Raw
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Virtual Reality

App Development

Augmented Reality

3D Visualisation

VR Commerce


Web Development



Digital Intelligence

  • Audit

  • Consultancy

  • Transitional coaching Technical implementation

  • Completion and Development

  • Overall checking and testing

  • Finally Training

  • Follow-through

  • management

  • branding

  • E-commerce

Engineering & implementation

  • Event Management

  • Promotions

  • Host/Hostess

  • Media Kits

  • 2D 3D Animation

  • Back Office Integration

  • Mapping Tools

  • advertising campaigns

  • image consulting

  • SEO

We Do

We have a wealth of experience in helping our clients grow by communicating more imaginatively and effectively with their customers. Whether you’re looking to develop your brand online, in print, at retail or exhibition or through any other channel, we have a talented, multi-disciplinary team – saving you time, money and a few grey hairs. You know your business best so we build our approach around you, giving you direct access to the team at all times. We only work with brands and companies we believe in, regardless of size –  from single owner businesses to the largest global entities. Brands who share our collaborative approach. At GLU we love what we do and have fun doing it but we also take our work incredibly seriously. We blend the positivity and energy needed to “be creative” with the tenacity to get results and deliver beautifully crafted, commercial solutions on time and on budget.







Kaia is a partner and an architectural visualiser based in Singapore. We have worked on a number of collabertive projects in developing high impact marketing tools for the construction companies and developers.

The examples shows a small sample based on a urban housing concept in Singapore.

The smalll video clip highlights our capability using the 3Dmax and VRAY software

Broad Gate Leeds

Broadgate was a city centre development in the centre of Leeds, United kingdom.

The GLU team helped in creating the short film here >>>

It was used as a major marketing tool in helping win the planning application and go onto marketing the project to prospective investors.

The project cost in excess of GBP£300m which was successfully sold out due to the marketing verticals and visual aid provided by GLU

Derwent London

Launched in late 2010, Angel Building is Derwent London’s largest redevelopment to date. Designed by AHMM architects with elegant and robust modern detailing, the six-storey office building is playing an important role in regenerating the area. Angel Building was shortlisted for the RIBA Stirling Prize 2011 and has won awards from RIBA London, the British Council for Offices and New London Architecture. Full occupancy was achieved in just 13 months.


VR Commerce or Virtual Reality Commerce is the new way in delivering Ecommerce to the user via a Virtual Reality environment.

VR Commerce is new and is going to redefine the way we shop online by using our basic human behaviour to navigate and buy.

It really re creates our shopping but online.

GLU is a leading developer in this technology and has pioneered software that delivers this over the interent and directly to your laptop, tablet or phone


our great team


Over the years, our founders have won a number of awards for Best Website, Best Marketing Campaign, Best Branding to name a few.

GLU is also worked with MyMall the World’s 1st virtual shopping mall which now hosts over 2000 brands and services over 260,000 monthly shoppers and winning awards like “Best use of E-business” and “Best Company of the year”.

  • Here are some of our highlights…
  • 2008  BIBAS Winner Marketing Campaign of the Year
  • 2009   BIBAS Winner Entrepreneur of the Year
  • 2009   BIBAS Winner Marketing Campaign of the Year
  • 2009   WORLD TRAVEL MARKETING Best Technology
  • 2010    CHAMBER OF COMMERCE AWARDS – Best Use Of Technology
  • 2010     CHAMBER OF COMMERCE AWARDS – Best Innovator
  • 2011      DOWNTOWN IN BUSINESS – Best Marketing Campaign
  • 2012     THE DIGITAL AWARDS RUNNER UP – Best marketing CampaignInnovation
  • and more….

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